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sizes: B1 (100cm/70 cm) & B2 (70 cm / 50 cm) | paper: 250 g. satin photographic
frame not included | high quality digital printing in poland
prints are rolled in cardboard tubes

The Plakiat

A graduate of the Department of Fine Arts in the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland, with the Master’s degree. A cinema enthusiast, a film addict who combines his design passion with love towards 'a moving picture'. Referred to as a continuator of Polish School of Posters. Born in '89.

The Plakiat

Both handmade & digital based on authorial idea. Vector graphics, painting & drawing, digital painting, papercutting, creating fonts & inscriptions (handmade or digital), uncon- ventional techniques (such as making textures, vintage styli- zations, creating artificial rust etc.) and other artistic activities).

The Plakiat

Creating movie posters, posters for events (concerts, festivals, happenings, etc.), illustrations (book & magazine), buissness cards, book & magazine covers, music albums design, mobile application design, promotional materials (banners, brochures, etc.) & unconventional design. Oh, one more thing. I am making © Plakiat exhibitions.

The Plakiat

Movies! Posters! Monsters! Charlie Kaufman! Book covers! Old illustrations! Black ink! Animations! Opening credits design! Sad film endings! Andy’s name on Woody & Buzz boots! Round glasses! Movies! Brown leather! Sam Rockwell’s laugh! John Hurt’s voice! Science fiction! Memories! Did I mentioned movies?